Friday, November 30, 2012

NS Times

Oh this newspaper.  Good good good good memories.  I think it deserved a blog post.
(link to the website)

I have a personal photographer who captures moments when I'm flipping my hair
 and his name is Jeremy Zabriskie, a boy I truly love and admire.

Me and the Katie cakes sluffing class to take some magnificent newspaper pics.

Oh you know.  Just having some Hawk pride, appreciating my mascot like everyone should ;)

Me and Shelsie takin' pics on the Journalism camera!

Some of my fondest high school memories were in journalism.  The asimov quiz in the SL Trib, James Dean lifesize poster, Joanna Newsom, creepy mooing cows, basically tackling Mr. Cox's metal podium when racing him to the phone, creepy family dinner in the back room, Rick Astley... Journalism boot camp at UVU.  I could go on forever!!

I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

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