Friday, November 30, 2012

NS Times

Oh this newspaper.  Good good good good memories.  I think it deserved a blog post.
(link to the website)

I have a personal photographer who captures moments when I'm flipping my hair
 and his name is Jeremy Zabriskie, a boy I truly love and admire.

Me and the Katie cakes sluffing class to take some magnificent newspaper pics.

Oh you know.  Just having some Hawk pride, appreciating my mascot like everyone should ;)

Me and Shelsie takin' pics on the Journalism camera!

Some of my fondest high school memories were in journalism.  The asimov quiz in the SL Trib, James Dean lifesize poster, Joanna Newsom, creepy mooing cows, basically tackling Mr. Cox's metal podium when racing him to the phone, creepy family dinner in the back room, Rick Astley... Journalism boot camp at UVU.  I could go on forever!!

I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Turkey day in good ol' turkey town!! :D

I actually had to work on Thanksgiving day from 10-2 so my fam bam waited for me to have Thanksgiving dinner :) We had it at my house this year and my family never fails to entertain me.  My Grandmother was talking about when they went to the theatre to see Sky Fall (I should mention that she  is paranoid...) she said their was a guy that looked like a "fruit-cake"(her words not mine), and that he was wearing a hood behind them talking to himself.  She proceeded to say that he reminded her of the shooter in Colorado at Batman and she was afraid he was going to pull out his tommy and shoot 'em all!! She cracks me up!!

My grandparents just recently returned from a trip to the East Coast for like 3 months and were showing us all of their pictures from the trip... I think they went to some aeronautical museum or something because a picture of a mannequin inside an airplane came up on the screen and my grandpa was like, "That's me!!"  Haha oh how I've missed my grandparents :)

Me & the Ricksters 

Advanced shooting course....

Instead of a backstabber.... a back shooter..... :)

During the break Sade & I got out the BB gun and shot some cans with it.  It was pretty sweet I hit the Dr. Pepper can and it ricocheted into the Pepsi can my very first shot... but then after that I just sucked.

Oh and by the way... I GOT A GYM MEMBERSHIP!! It is only a year long contract and adds out to about $15 a month.  I am really hoping I can make some life changes and get into shape... who knows when I'm getting married!! I'll start the (as Tashi calls it) LGN diet, look good naked :P

Newest addition to my key chain!! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have a real problem

 Yogurtland.  You rule.

First of all.... I really hope Raymond doesn't read my blog because I chewed him out WHILE I was eating Yogurtland, I'll explain.

So, Alexa and I probably go to Yogurtland at least once a week... and trust me, I've been really trying to eat healthy.  I have a fitness log.  My 7 day pass at Golds Gym just expired on Monday and I really really really loved the cycling class (if I could afford a pass, I'd totally get one... maybe in the near future), I buy whole grain breads and skim milk and part skim mozzarella, fruits... salad... THE WORKS, you get the idea.  BUT, a girl has got to get her fix somehow.  Don't judge me because I'm confessing.... last night I went to In-n-out and got a burger after work, then today before I went to drop off Alexa to go home to St. George for Thanksgiving, we went to Yogurtland and possibly THEE COOLEST THING EVER may have happened.  The employee that works there is there EVERY TIME we go... I swear, so, when we went to check out, he gave us our delicious frozen yogurt..... FOR FREEEEEEE!!  Which is awesome, but also embarrassing.  I was going to make it my facebook status that I got free Yogurtland but as I sat in my car eating it with Alexa, I texted Raymond to see what he was doing tonight so I don't have to chill alone, but he had to work.  He said that when he got off work he could bring home some pizza (he works at Domino's), and I told him, "You know I'm trying to eat healthier."  And he replied something about how I went and got snacks last night and I replied that just because I eat bad one night doesn't mean I'm throwing it all away (as I'm eating Yogurtland).... Don't get me wrong, I love pizza, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  And I seem to always be eating pizza now-a-days.  So, making it my facebook status that I had gotten free yogurtand was not going to happen... I can't have Raymond judging me!!

I now have no secrets.  I am coming out of my Yogurtland denial closet and letting you know that I am a Yogurtland whore, despite my healthy aspirations.  Sorry boys, I will never be that skinny twig you were hoping for!  The moral of the story is, everyone deserves themselves a good cup of frozen yogurt, preferably with cheese cake bites and recess on top!!!

I hope you took something away from this.  It is okay to pity me lol.

Someday I will post some sweet before and after pics of my hot body and I can be Yogurtlands spokesperson (like Jared is for Subway) and I will prove to the world that it is still possible to lose 30 pounds WHILE consuming frozen yogurtland.

You bet your bottom dollar you'll see me next time ;)


Hahaha I couldn't help myself... I had to put this up.  Obey is a product of Sheppard Fairey that apparently ended up on this Simpsons episode... which by the way I kind of want to find it and watch it....

This one is a piece done by Banksy, I found it funny that the boy is writing... "I must not copy what I see on the Simpsons", well, Banksy is for sure not copying Sheppard Fairey but I still found it funny that I found these two pieces on the internet.  Call me lame, but I love street art.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When your friends get married

Tashi & Jordan got married this past Saturday for time and all eternity :)  I am so incredibly happy for them!!!

This is me with my friends.  Jordan looks dashing and Tashi looks beautiful!!

They're in love and it's disgustingly cute :)

I totally line butted in this picture, which is why I had to make due with Jordan's eyes closed.  Look at their cute little family!

Their wedding turned out great!! I thought the draping and lights were beautiful.

Look how cute the trunks and lamps turned out, this is where they kept their gifts.

 This is my handy work on Jordan's car..... which is not the worst of it I must say.  Raymond and Dave got condoms and lotion...... need I say more?? Lol, we silly stringed their car and put balloons inside, it was way fun.  Also, when Gangnam Style came on at the wedding we all decided to look like idiots and dance to it... it was really funny!