Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have a real problem

 Yogurtland.  You rule.

First of all.... I really hope Raymond doesn't read my blog because I chewed him out WHILE I was eating Yogurtland, I'll explain.

So, Alexa and I probably go to Yogurtland at least once a week... and trust me, I've been really trying to eat healthy.  I have a fitness log.  My 7 day pass at Golds Gym just expired on Monday and I really really really loved the cycling class (if I could afford a pass, I'd totally get one... maybe in the near future), I buy whole grain breads and skim milk and part skim mozzarella, fruits... salad... THE WORKS, you get the idea.  BUT, a girl has got to get her fix somehow.  Don't judge me because I'm confessing.... last night I went to In-n-out and got a burger after work, then today before I went to drop off Alexa to go home to St. George for Thanksgiving, we went to Yogurtland and possibly THEE COOLEST THING EVER may have happened.  The employee that works there is there EVERY TIME we go... I swear, so, when we went to check out, he gave us our delicious frozen yogurt..... FOR FREEEEEEE!!  Which is awesome, but also embarrassing.  I was going to make it my facebook status that I got free Yogurtland but as I sat in my car eating it with Alexa, I texted Raymond to see what he was doing tonight so I don't have to chill alone, but he had to work.  He said that when he got off work he could bring home some pizza (he works at Domino's), and I told him, "You know I'm trying to eat healthier."  And he replied something about how I went and got snacks last night and I replied that just because I eat bad one night doesn't mean I'm throwing it all away (as I'm eating Yogurtland).... Don't get me wrong, I love pizza, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  And I seem to always be eating pizza now-a-days.  So, making it my facebook status that I had gotten free yogurtand was not going to happen... I can't have Raymond judging me!!

I now have no secrets.  I am coming out of my Yogurtland denial closet and letting you know that I am a Yogurtland whore, despite my healthy aspirations.  Sorry boys, I will never be that skinny twig you were hoping for!  The moral of the story is, everyone deserves themselves a good cup of frozen yogurt, preferably with cheese cake bites and recess on top!!!

I hope you took something away from this.  It is okay to pity me lol.

Someday I will post some sweet before and after pics of my hot body and I can be Yogurtlands spokesperson (like Jared is for Subway) and I will prove to the world that it is still possible to lose 30 pounds WHILE consuming frozen yogurtland.

You bet your bottom dollar you'll see me next time ;)

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