Monday, October 29, 2012

Most Magical Place on Earth

Here I am, a 20 year old... and had previously never been to disneyland.  I always said that I love 6 flags way more and Disneyland is overrated and over-priced.  I cannot express to you how much I love Disneyland and my previous thoughts have been replaced with an internal love for DL.  It is SO cool!  My inner-child was grinning all day long :) I want to go back again and again and again.  My next theme park goal is Harry Potter World!! 

I loved the Toy Story rides! On the Tower of Terror at California Adventures I accidentally put my seat belt over the strap of my purse and the ride conductor man FREAKED out!  I was chatting with Alexa and didn't hear him and he kept saying, "Nothing between you are your seat belt, Nothing between you are your seat belt,Nothing between you are your seat belt..." and so I was trying to take it off but it was already locked and so I said I can't take it off, and he said, "That's why I told you before you buckled it," then Alexa said, "Jeez this is Disneyland you're supposed to be happy," and he replied, "That's why I said it with a smile on my face."  Wow. What a wiener.  Ha ha that was probably the craziest thing that happened all day.

 Alexa and I had a blast at Disneyland and I can't wait to go back because I love it and Maddahorn and Indiana Jones were closed so I need to go on them first when I go!! :) The only downfall of my Disneyland trip is that now I no longer have a, "Never have I ever".... I've lost my best thing I've never done because most people have been to Disneyland!
One more good story.  At the airplane ride at California Adventures Alexa and I accidentally butted an old guy and his wife in the 'fast pass' line.  There was a huge gap in the line and they were just standing there!! So the guy kept teasing us that 2 Utah Mormon girls butted him and now he wasn't going to vote for Romney! Lol and these 2 little girls were so cute and they like Alexa and I's matching sparkly shoes (they had sparkly shoes too) and they said to me all excited, "Is this your first time at Disneyland?!?" And I said yeah and they were all excited telling me all of their favorite rides :)
Disneyland was so fun and I loved it so much!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I love my mom

My Mom is so great!  She is so amazing and such a hard worker.  She is always working on something!! 

It means a lot to me when my mom lets me know she thinks I'm amazing, I'm glad that I can be a good influence to even to my own mom!! I love her with all of my heart and I hope I can always be a daughter she can call 'amazing'.

Called to serve

Elder Caleb Rose.  My best friend is going on a mission!! He's going to the Washington, Spokane mission English speaking.  I am so incredibly proud of this boy.  He's gone through a lot of trials to get to where he is at now and I hope the best for him.  He is leaving on November 7th!!! Isn't that crazy??!


Some of my close friends just had their babies like a week apart from each other!! My childhood best friend Heather just had her baby at the beginning of September.  Her name is Stella Marie and she was about 5 lbs. 4 oz.  She is SO tiny :) She's such a little princess and Heather and Quinn love her soooo much!! I am happy for them.

My other friend, Tashi, had her baby like a week later.  She is like 1/16 black and you can tell a little more now that she is getting older!! The exciting thing about Tashi is that her and Jordan just got engaged at the end of September and are getting married November 17th.... CRAZY huh?!! You have to know their whole story to be as excited as I am about them getting married.  It's so funny that Brinley is 1/16 black because Jordan is not the "biological father" so all of their other kids will probably be white and red headed like Jordan :)  They call the dad "the sperm donor" because Jordan is the DAD, they are such a cute family and I'm excited for them to make the next step in their lives.

Monday, October 8, 2012

<I'm a volunteer at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center>

I decided that I needed to give some of my time towards giving service. I felt kind of selfish and wanted to give back to the world somehow!

I work up in the ICU every Wednesday from 5-7. I help patients find their relatives rooms and give kids crayons and coloring books and crap like that!

It feels nice to escape work and school and sit at a desk and help people!

Recently my Aunt Paula was in a 4-wheeling accident and she was up in the unit that I volunteer in, it was really scary when they told me where she was because I know what state a lot of the patients are in up in the ICU.  But my Aunt was still herself, she was just in a lot of pain from broken ribs.  Poor girl.  But still just as funny as ever!!  I helped her order some soup and ice and helped her eat them, Alexa helped.  


"True knowledge exists in knowing you know nothing." -Socrates

School is challenging, I work 2 jobs and volunteer and take 12 credit hours. It's difficult for sure but I am so blessed to have the opportunity to gain an education!

I absolutely LOVE Utah Valley University! It was definitely the place for me to come, I loved Snow but it's so different up in Orem. I feel like I've grown so much. I am a really hard worker and I know what I want in life and work hard to get it.

Statistics is really hard and biology is challenging this semester but I love my psychology and public speaking classes. I'm dreading spring semester because I have 16 science credits left until I can apply for the nursing program :) I am so excited!

Alexa and I basically live at the library but we have fun while we study biology! We are so crazy!! But I love it and I would hate biology without her.

I hope I can stay on top of my HW and finish this semester strong, get good grades, have fun, and learn some new stuff and even retain it a little!!