Sunday, November 4, 2012


I flippin' love Halloween!! I was kinda lame this year though. I made super cute decorations with my roommates and carved pumpkins... the works!! But when it came to actual Halloween, I just went to Tasha's party as Tom Cruise in 'Risky Business' (don't worry I'm wearing spandex)... I know I'm super creative right ? And chillled with the roomies (read on for details....)

Alexa was a kitty!! She looked adorable.  

This is my pumpkin that I carved, her name is Patrice ;)  I painted her face on with nail-polish.  Yet again... I'm super creative.  I have discovered that I am super into fall, the smells, the colors, the leaves, the decor... it is so much fun!! 

Finally, on Halloween I wore my sailor shirt, anchor necklace and seahorse earrings to school to at least be a little bit festive (let's face it, if I wore my 'Risky Business' costume, all the boys would fall in love with me.... so of course I couldn't wear that at school!)  After school I volunteered and then around 9, Tasha, Raymond, Alexa and I ate pizza and Oreo Balls and watched 'The Covenant'.  That was our Halloween, yes it was fun but it wasn't crazy that's for sure!! Trick-or-treating, games, scaring people... will be on like donkey-kong for next year.  Note to self: if you don't plan something, you may end up with a old person evening like ours.  I look forward to having kids to dress up and get super excited about Halloween.  Okay.... that's all. 

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