Saturday, August 18, 2012

Workin' hard...or hardly workin'?

Oh the joys of Quilted Bear.  The mint truffles.  The go backs.  The endless opening and pricing of merchandise.  It is a love/hate job.  Without my coworkers I would hate it.  

In this photo I am eating a mint truffle while inside a box.  I'm talented, I know. 

Jodi and I being Persian Prostitutes with scarves that smell like sweaty balls.

Oh hey.  I'm wearing a cow hat & Alisha thinks I'm weird.

Why am I so weird? 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have two jobs.  I also wipe butts for a living and I love it... weren't expecting that?  Well I do.  I was planning on going into graphic design but, I started working as a CNA and I now want to be a RN, and specialize in labor and delivery (we'll see, I still haven't really done any job shadowing yet).  I start as a volunteer at the Provo Utah Valley Regional Hospital next Wednesday and I'm super stoked!  I hope eventually I can get a job in the hospital so that I can get better hours and more experience.  But for now, I enjoy my jobs... just don't get paid enough (story of everyone's life). 

Enjoy this photo montage of me bonding with my name tag lanyard (can I say montage if it isn't a movie? Whatever.)


I finally got my temple recommend renewed after a year and a half, and boy does it feel good.  I don't know how many people actually read my blog but... I've been trying to go back to the temple for a long time so it's pretty awesome that I finally get to!  Now I just need Sundays off of work so I can mingle with my singles.  Haha :)

So I've gone to the temple twice in the past two weeks to the Provo temple and it honestly has helped me calm down from my super high stress past two weeks.  The temple is such a great place to clear your head and just let your thoughts slow down, I keep pretty busy so my mind is always running a thousand miles an hour and I'm always multi-tasking it feels like so to make some time to serve the Lord really helps me to just forget about all of my to-do-lists, calendar events, etc. 

I know that I'm always posting cheesy uplifting thoughts but I feel that they are a necessary reminder... especially for me.  The temple is a source of sunlight in my life and it too always helps me to "Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight."  Taking a moment out of your busy life to spend at the temple is worth your time!! So I challenge you to do it more often... you people who read my blog... if anyone reads it :P

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life is hard sometimes

I've come to understand that life really isn't that easy. It likes to remind you that it's the boss and that you're really not in control. You are only in control of the attitude you have towards the shitty hand life deals you every once in awhile (pardon my French).
I feel like I work so hard just to be told... "Chana, it doesn't matter how hard you work or how spiritual you try to be... Life is still going to be a big mean jerk to you so deal with it." and I do. Just not so happily sometimes.
I know without a doubt I wouldn't be who I am without the trials I have encountered in the past 2 years of my life since getting out in the world on my own.
I am so grateful for my religion and the comfort it gives me on a daily basis
Just barely my car broke down and apparantly the oil gasket valves were leaking on my spark plugs and shorting out the wires and making it stall, I'm so glad my Dad fixed my car! I used to really want a tattoo of an anchor because I really like them and so I decided to get a tat for my car... My car has been a little beotch to me but he sure does "refuse to sink", praise the Lord.

Today I went to the temple and it surprises me every time how much comfort it brings to me.

 After every stressful thing I've dealt with lately I have come to realize that my phone, although sadly defaced, is now best friends with this cracked tile (until I repair it of course ASAP).

Always remember to look for the positive in every situation and try not to be so negative. Life goes on and the storm passes, we never really always get calm weather, but we get stronger so that with each storm we're able to conquer those trials. Trust me. I know.