Sunday, January 13, 2013

'tis the season

Wow, sorry I have neglected my blog.  I feel like I have to be in the mood to write on it and I just haven't been in the mood!  It's kind of like my journal, I need to catch up!! Does anyone even read my blog?  Or am I just too boring of a person?! 
In this picture Alexa & I made Christmas cupcakes for our girls that we visit teach, it was really hard not to eat them! Also this is our beautiful tree :)  The letters 'C,A,T' are not spelling CAT, they stand for Chana, Alexa & Tasha.
We decorated the TV stand, it looks super classy! 
Our sweet mantle we made.  There was this board in the hallway for a month that said 'BEWARE' for Halloween and so we took it and nailed it to the wall! We also made a fire made out of tissue paper, it was WAY flipin' cute.

I may have molested Santa at work! 

Me, Garett and Alexa at Temple Square!

We had such a fun time going to Temple Square, riding the tracks, and eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at the new City Creek Mall :) Good times with the roomies! 

Me and my roommate!  I love the girl and our beautiful red faces.

The sunset on my drive home for Christmas! 
When I got home on Saturday night, we went to Ft. Green and waited at the church to go on a ride to a live nativity.  Trailers with hay stacks on them connected to tractors picked us up and brought us to some sheep sheds on the outskirts of Ft. Green, we watched a short 4 minutes clip where one of the wise men had a creeper look on his face and me, Sade and Aubri started to crack up.  You should watch it... I'll put a link.  He's the wise men on the left hand side!
If the link doesn't work, the video is called:  'Good Tiding of Great Joy, The Birth of Jesus Christ.'
Just watch it, you'll see it.
My Mommy & Daddy 

Me, Sade and Bobs all bundled up! 
The beautiful tree! 
Christmas Eve at my house was so much fun!! We went to the annual Christmas Eve program at the church and it included little dance crew dances, caroling, santa, bags of nasty authentic Christmas treats... the works.  Then we invited DJ's new renters to eat dinner with us and we had sweet and sour meatballs.  Next we played Just Dance and I read everyone a Christmas article from the December Ensign.  We opened Christmas jammies and then watched 'Elf' while drinking Sade's delicious hot cocoa.
Discovered a new app called Face Juggler and laughed until we cried all Christmas Eve.
This picture is what it would look like if my Dad and I swapped faces!  
This is Aubri and my Dad if they swapped faces!  My Dad looks like a major stoner.

Scraping Tony Stark to go pick up a Dr. Pepper at the soda machine on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning Mom made breakfast cookie muffins and bacon!  Mmmm, then we opened presents.  The family loved the gifts I gave to them.  After presents we watched the other half of 'Elf' and then I made Dad watch 'Holes', because I told him our family is cursed like that movie with bad luck and we need to sing a song to some mystery person and carry them up a hill on our back and let them drink from the stream so we can break the curse! Lol, after the movie we had cheese ball and grilled cheese for lunch, it was awesome!  Then I had to go because I had to work :/ Bleh! 
Marissa loves Polly Pockets! 

I made my Dad a Steelers blanket & Raymond bought me one so we matched!! :)
Merry Christmas from the Thompson's and I have a super fat face! 

Ricky got a new bed and a new hedgehog toy! 

I had to come home and work on Christmas, blah! 

I went sledding with Jake, Jess, and Brian!  Brian and I went off a huge jump and then my butt slid out and I was being dragged backwards and was holding onto his legs for dear life!  It was way fun :)  Then we went hot tubbing at Rain Tree!  Good times! 

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