Friday, November 30, 2012

Turkey day in good ol' turkey town!! :D

I actually had to work on Thanksgiving day from 10-2 so my fam bam waited for me to have Thanksgiving dinner :) We had it at my house this year and my family never fails to entertain me.  My Grandmother was talking about when they went to the theatre to see Sky Fall (I should mention that she  is paranoid...) she said their was a guy that looked like a "fruit-cake"(her words not mine), and that he was wearing a hood behind them talking to himself.  She proceeded to say that he reminded her of the shooter in Colorado at Batman and she was afraid he was going to pull out his tommy and shoot 'em all!! She cracks me up!!

My grandparents just recently returned from a trip to the East Coast for like 3 months and were showing us all of their pictures from the trip... I think they went to some aeronautical museum or something because a picture of a mannequin inside an airplane came up on the screen and my grandpa was like, "That's me!!"  Haha oh how I've missed my grandparents :)

Me & the Ricksters 

Advanced shooting course....

Instead of a backstabber.... a back shooter..... :)

During the break Sade & I got out the BB gun and shot some cans with it.  It was pretty sweet I hit the Dr. Pepper can and it ricocheted into the Pepsi can my very first shot... but then after that I just sucked.

Oh and by the way... I GOT A GYM MEMBERSHIP!! It is only a year long contract and adds out to about $15 a month.  I am really hoping I can make some life changes and get into shape... who knows when I'm getting married!! I'll start the (as Tashi calls it) LGN diet, look good naked :P

Newest addition to my key chain!! 

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