Saturday, June 30, 2012

I like t.v. shows :)

 How I met your mother is a feel good show about a group of friends and their friend Ted trying to find his soul-mate.  Their friendship makes you feel like you are a part of it... I can't get enough of it!!
 LOST!!! This tv show is about an island mystery.  These people crash landed on an island in the middle of nowhere and have no way of getting back to civilization.  This show has a way of leaving you on the edge of your seat at the end of each episode... if you have netflix you find yourself watching 3 episodes at a time (did I mention each episode is about an hour?).  The cliff hangers are what make this show so great.
 You just have to watch this.  The episodes are only 20 minutes but they are SO FUNNY!! I love the way they portray modern families... its great!
 I just recently started watching New Girl, it just finished it's first season and it was really good.  It's about this spunky odd ball Jess who lives with 3 men.  I really enjoy this comedy, I feel like I can relate to Jess's awkward weirdness.
 PLL, this is my teenager show.  I love to watch this with my girls.  I started it with my roommate Billi (she got me addicted), we'd HDMI-it up to the t.v. every Monday as soon as it was on ABC Family a week after it airs.  Now... I watch it with Alexa.  Let's be honest, you need a girlfriend to watch this with, we scrapbook and make food and enjoy some good ol' suspense and drama.  It's like the teenager version of desperate housewives.  P.S. these girls do NOT look like they are supposed to be in high school.
 Caleb got me started on this show.... I. love. it. so. freakin. much!  Holy shiz this show blows your mind!! I love the action, I love the zombies, I love the drama.  Andrea & Daryl are probably my most favorite characters on this show, they are BA.  I can't wait until October to watch it again, I really want to know whats the deal with the prison and the crazy hooded figure with zombies for pets! I'm also anticipating the death of Lori (who I hate), and the return of Daryl's brother.  I really want to know exactly how this zombie apocalypse came about.
Season 3 finale... I just finished it last night.  I am getting way to sucked in to this tv show.  My current roommates met Damon!! How crazy is that?  His name is Ian Somerhaulder and he is GORGEOUS!! I really want Elena to choose him... she actually met him first, just sayin'.
Classic.  I've been watching this since I was 17.  I can never have enough of That '70s Show.  That '70s show is to me like Friends is to the rest of the world.  It's probably not the best influence because I just want to go smoke pot with them in their circle haha :)  I love love love this show.

Friday, June 22, 2012

#1 Daddy

My dad is the greatest daddy in the whole entire world.  For anyone who knows my dad you know that he LOVES music, he loves going to concerts and I think that is super cool.  I have had the opportunity to go to a few with him in the past couple of years, we've gone to: Trapt, 3 Doors Down, Pop Evil, Theory of a Deadman, and last Saturday... we went to Vans Warped Tour 2012!!  It was so fun :)
I got to see We The Kings, Senses Fail, Yellowcard (I bought their CD, t-shirt, & bracelet), I saw Breathe Carolina, Falling in Reverse & All Time Low as well as a band called Funeral Party. 

Here is Sade crowd surfing at Warped Tour! 
Dad, Sade & I slurping our delicious smoothies that we were really sad when they were gone :'(

I came home this week and my car overheated, guess who came to save me? My daddy.  He is my hero.  Little did I know that this week was his vacation and he installed a new thermostat in my car which would normally cost $75 or more. He also renovated and re-built my brothers closet and took my sisters to 7-peaks (I joined until I had to go to work).  He is the greatest dad :) He is always fixing things around the house, and believe me, stuff around our house breaks pretty often... I mean our house is only like a hundred years old, no big deal.  He always cooks us delicious meals but I think his menu is pretty limited to hot dogs, enchiladas, scones, pancakes, & hamburger helper... he is basically pro at all of those meals now!  

7 peaks bay-bay!! :D 

A little more info about pretty much thee coolest dad in the universe is that he loves the Pittsburg Steelers (we were pretty bummed when the Green Bay cheese heads defeated them 2 superbowls ago).   He loves to go snowboarding with Sade, Aubri & I up Fairview canyon.  I have a pretty legit dad, he introduced me to some great music, like Angels and Airwaves... I love them.  Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, The Cars... some of the classic 80s music I love so much is because of my dad.  

I always tease my dad that he is gothic, he wears a lot of black and he loves t-shirts that are pretty emo with skulls and stuff on them.  He used to have my Grandpa Don Ray's motorcycle and would look pretty legit in his leather jacket and bald head... many a boy in my day has been afraid of my dad, as well as ward members... just people in general, but really, he is just a big teddy bear.  My dad is the greatest and I love him very much.