Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When your friends get married

Tashi & Jordan got married this past Saturday for time and all eternity :)  I am so incredibly happy for them!!!

This is me with my friends.  Jordan looks dashing and Tashi looks beautiful!!

They're in love and it's disgustingly cute :)

I totally line butted in this picture, which is why I had to make due with Jordan's eyes closed.  Look at their cute little family!

Their wedding turned out great!! I thought the draping and lights were beautiful.

Look how cute the trunks and lamps turned out, this is where they kept their gifts.

 This is my handy work on Jordan's car..... which is not the worst of it I must say.  Raymond and Dave got condoms and lotion...... need I say more?? Lol, we silly stringed their car and put balloons inside, it was way fun.  Also, when Gangnam Style came on at the wedding we all decided to look like idiots and dance to it... it was really funny!

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