Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Caleb's Farewell

Caleb left this past Wednesday for the MTC.  I was luckily able to get TWO people to cover my shift for me and then reschedule my statistics test so that I could go home and spend my last day with Cale!  We honestly just ran around and packed, I wish we would have done something crazy... like throw water balloons at cars.... or something authentically Sanpete!  I'll miss him so much!  He has been my best friend since I was 8 years old, I hope he has much success on his mission and that he'll find time to write me some letters.  I felt like I wasn't able to give Caleb a very good goodbye, he was being watched 24/7 by his dad after he was set apart so I couldn't give him a hug, you aren't supposed to hug after they are set apart, so I gave him a hand hug!  I told Caleb that I have a friend that works at the MTC in the cafeteria so if he needs anything last minute I can have him slide it to him on his lunch tray!! Lol.  I will seriously be so sad without this kid to go home to with the rest of my amazing family. I was just telling Alexa how Caleb puts fake snow on our windows every Christmas and then I felt sad because no one can put fake snow on the windows as good as Caleb can :/  I love that boy!! :D 

Me & the broseph 

Me & the Bobs

Mine and Caleb's shoes together, our last day at church together.

The Family the last time together before Caleb left.

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