Sunday, May 12, 2013

How "me" became "we"

Welp people.  I'm an engaged woman.   It comes out of nowhere like they say!  I really didn't think I'd be getting married this year, but it couldn't be to a better guy!  I fall more and more in love with him every single day... I didn't even know that was possible, but, it is.

A little bit about my man and me.  We met the beginning of last year in our singles ward.  I went with my roommate to play volleyball and I saw this kid with his hat on backwards with a black cast.  My first thought was, "This kid is such a tool, what a weirdo playing volleyball with a cast on."  He started coming over to my apartment and he always said, "Cheez-its and orange soda," so I told him how I love that YouTube video.  But he hadn't seen it, so I showed him.  I helped him write a paper for one of his classes.  We watched a horror movie in retaliation of V-day.  And then summer came and we started hanging out all the time!  We went to hang-time, watched movies, read our books by the pool... we did everything together!! And it was the funnest I have ever had dating anybody, I felt like I could completely be myself around him.

But I broke things off with him because I could tell that he wanted to get married and that he was ready for that next step in his life... and I was not.  I was writing a missionary at the time and holding on to a guy that I had liked for the past 3 years and I wasn't really sure what to do.  I just knew that I wasn't ready to get married and I felt bad holding him back.  But we remained friends and basically hung out everyday, I complained to him about work and school and boys.  He was always there for me.

So, a few months ago, the missionary I was sort of waiting for told me he wasn't interested in marrying me, that he wanted to date around to make sure he was making the right choice because I was his first gf.  It broke my heart to be an option to him and not a choice.  A few weeks later, the guy I had been seeing for the past 3 years thought it would be better to take a step back from things.  It felt really poorly timed, but I know it happened that way for a reason.

So, I prayed, I asked Heavenly Father why both guys I had been holding onto for so long both decided to break things off with me at the same time, and just like that I felt like a blindfold had been lifted off my eyes.  I realized that Raymond had been there for me for the past year and we have always had fun together and loved each other just the way we are.

After that, things just kind of picked up where they left off last summer.  It was really exciting and kind of weird to start holding hands again (he was my best friend for a long time)!  And we started talking about getting married and then we were meeting eachothers families, and looking at rings and asking for permission... it all went so fast!  And then on Monday April 29, we got engaged!! I have never been happier.  I am so lucky to have a man that cares about me so much.  He is so good to me and we have so much fun together, and I can't wait to spend eternity with him!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Break (not technically)

So for Spring Break this year... I actually just worked... all of my friends besides Alexa, don't go to school, so we had to find a weekend that would work for all of us to go to California!! So, we went the week after spring break.. and missed school, yes I know, I'm a rebel!

So we drove out on Thursday, it was a long drive but I kept myself pretty entertained playing fruit ninja on Raymond's phone and sleeping... oh and I gambled for the first time!!

We got to Alexa's house super late, it was about 12:30 or 1 when we got there so we went straight to sleep!  On Friday morning we got ready for 'THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH', Disneyland :D The traffic was awful! We were in it FOREVER! But, it was worth it! The first ride we went on was 'Indian Jones' and it was so awesome, It was closed down the last time I went, I think it is probably my favorite ride now!  Raymond was like a child all day long at Disneyland and he LOVED the Star Tours ride that was our last ride of the day!

On Saturday morning, we went to breakfast with Alexa's Dad to IHOP, it was so nice, he bought us all breakfast!  After breakfast, we came home and Roe and Michelle (Alexa's parents), took Garrett and Alexa on a walk with Penelope to the dog park to have 'the talk'.  So Raymond and I watched Revenge, well more like Raymond watched it and I fell asleep for like 2 or 3 hours!  Disneyland can ware a girl out okay!! So later that evening we all went out to BJ's for dinner and got their delicious deep dish pizza, I was so full that I didn't even get a bazookie (which is a giant half-baked cookie with ice cream on top)! The sweet thing about dinner is that Alexa's parents bought us dinner!  The whole day of food was financed by Alexa's parents!! It was very nice of them! Then we went to the movie, Olympus Has Fallen and it was SO good! I love Gerard Butler and he was super awesome in this movie!!

On Sunday we went to church to Alexa's home ward but we only stayed for sacrament then came back and ate leftover pizza from BJ's, we chilled for a bit and then later in the evening we went to Ventura beach.  Raymond was in heaven because it's his dream to own a charter boat and teach people to scuba-dive!  We played on the beach and it was really neat because we got to be a part of Garrett proposing to Alexa, I took lots of good pictures!! Then we ate at this little Italian restaurant and came home because we were super tired.

On Monday morning it was time to pack up and go home, we stopped in Lancaster at Alexa's Dad's to have some french toast and some of his delicious brownies!  They are so nice :)  And then, we continued the trek home! We were SO happy to be back and it was such a fun trip!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mom time :)

So, my Mom randomly came to visit me last Friday and it was good to see her.  We only hung out for like 2 hours and she wanted to check out WinCo so we just grocery shopped and talked.  It is so nice to have some quality time with your Momma, even if it is only for a little bit while you grocery shop!  So we just caught up and then she came back and watched the end of Pitch perfect with me and Raymond.  It was a nice night :)  


My whole family likes to go play in the snow :)  It was really nice to go up Fairview canyon because I haven't gone in a REALLY long time.  It's awesome that you can snowboard for free!  I was really out of shape and out of practice but it was still SO MUCH FUN!  I am excited to get new gear that actually fits me and a new board... snowboarding is just so dang expensive!  One thing that was super fun on this trip is that I brought a bag of my many birthday mini reeses and introduced my family to them, they loved them and we ate a few bites before each run down the mountain! 

This is me with my daddy and brother, they are a couple of studs!  I love them to death and I love going snowboarding and to concerts with them.  

Me and my broseph! He looks so good in blue! 

My Mom and Dad are so cute!  I love them so so much :) 

Me, Bobs and Dad! 

I'm basically a professional snowboarder... except that I'm not.

It wouldn't be a family outing if Ricky didn't come!! 

Soldiers Hallow

For Messina's 27th birthday we went sledding at Soldiers Hallow.  It was SO much fun :) It was freezing and it was snowing a lot of the time we were there.  Provo Canyon was scary to drive through.

He is so good at ugly faces... I think he was given the talent for it! 

It was so nice just to ride our tubes up the hill.  I def ruined these boots though skidding my feet as I went down.

I look so ugly in this picture, we went to Sammy's after sledding in Provo, it was pretty good.

The gang minus Alexa and Garret because she was working.

Bailey and Messina :) 

Me and Ray

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well, it happened... I turned 21.  I realize I haven't written in awhile, but honestly, turning 21 may be the only important and exciting thing that has happened since Christmas!

This is the lovely view I woke up to!! A pantless wonder she is :) 
So the first thing that I did on my birthday, is go and take my Chemistry exam.  I know, not your ideal birthday activity, but alas, it had to be done!!  Afterwards I just went to class.  A woman named Ginger in my '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' class, brought me a pack of mini reeses!  It made my day because I told everyone in my presentation on Friday that I would love whomever brought me mini reeses for my Birthday!  She is such a sweetheart! 

After school, Alexa picked me up and took me to Yogurtland and then I went on a shopping spree to Playdough's Closet and got a TON of pants... which were much needed.  Then I came home and got ready to go to Spark in Provo to continue my Birthday festivities! 

Shop 'til you drop! 

At Spark we got non-alcoholic beverages and I got these weird pork things on sticks... but they were good and I got full really fast!! Then I opened my presents! 

Tasha even brought me a cupcake so  I could blow out a candle on my Birthday! :)

Next we all went to see the movie "Identity Thief", it was WAY funny.  I liked it.

This is my loot at the end of the day!! I got soooo many good presents and I am blessed with great friends and roommates!  I ended up getting about 7 total bags of mini reeses for my birthday... it was FANTASTIC!! :D 
So that was my ACTUAL DAY OF BIRTH... I will now tell you about my chocolate birthday party at home!  It was AWESOME!  I kind of had a chocolate overload that week I think! 
Here is a sexy picture of me blowing out my candles!! 

My Aunt Wilma makes THEE best chocolate cake in the entire world!! My family literally has it gone by breakfast the day after a birthday because we all eat a piece in a bowl with milk poured over it.... MMMMM :P
We dipped strawberries, pretzels, cinnamon bears and rice crispies in chocolate!
All of the same pictures from above except the bottom right is of me and my BCF DPW (best cousin forever dr. pepper whore), he made it to my birthday party!! 
I absolutely love this picture of my Gramps, it is so funny!! 
I think this photo explains a lot about the relationship I have with my family....

We played charades for a good hour!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

'tis the season

Wow, sorry I have neglected my blog.  I feel like I have to be in the mood to write on it and I just haven't been in the mood!  It's kind of like my journal, I need to catch up!! Does anyone even read my blog?  Or am I just too boring of a person?! 
In this picture Alexa & I made Christmas cupcakes for our girls that we visit teach, it was really hard not to eat them! Also this is our beautiful tree :)  The letters 'C,A,T' are not spelling CAT, they stand for Chana, Alexa & Tasha.
We decorated the TV stand, it looks super classy! 
Our sweet mantle we made.  There was this board in the hallway for a month that said 'BEWARE' for Halloween and so we took it and nailed it to the wall! We also made a fire made out of tissue paper, it was WAY flipin' cute.

I may have molested Santa at work! 

Me, Garett and Alexa at Temple Square!

We had such a fun time going to Temple Square, riding the tracks, and eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at the new City Creek Mall :) Good times with the roomies! 

Me and my roommate!  I love the girl and our beautiful red faces.

The sunset on my drive home for Christmas! 
When I got home on Saturday night, we went to Ft. Green and waited at the church to go on a ride to a live nativity.  Trailers with hay stacks on them connected to tractors picked us up and brought us to some sheep sheds on the outskirts of Ft. Green, we watched a short 4 minutes clip where one of the wise men had a creeper look on his face and me, Sade and Aubri started to crack up.  You should watch it... I'll put a link.  He's the wise men on the left hand side!
If the link doesn't work, the video is called:  'Good Tiding of Great Joy, The Birth of Jesus Christ.'
Just watch it, you'll see it.
My Mommy & Daddy 

Me, Sade and Bobs all bundled up! 
The beautiful tree! 
Christmas Eve at my house was so much fun!! We went to the annual Christmas Eve program at the church and it included little dance crew dances, caroling, santa, bags of nasty authentic Christmas treats... the works.  Then we invited DJ's new renters to eat dinner with us and we had sweet and sour meatballs.  Next we played Just Dance and I read everyone a Christmas article from the December Ensign.  We opened Christmas jammies and then watched 'Elf' while drinking Sade's delicious hot cocoa.
Discovered a new app called Face Juggler and laughed until we cried all Christmas Eve.
This picture is what it would look like if my Dad and I swapped faces!  
This is Aubri and my Dad if they swapped faces!  My Dad looks like a major stoner.

Scraping Tony Stark to go pick up a Dr. Pepper at the soda machine on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning Mom made breakfast cookie muffins and bacon!  Mmmm, then we opened presents.  The family loved the gifts I gave to them.  After presents we watched the other half of 'Elf' and then I made Dad watch 'Holes', because I told him our family is cursed like that movie with bad luck and we need to sing a song to some mystery person and carry them up a hill on our back and let them drink from the stream so we can break the curse! Lol, after the movie we had cheese ball and grilled cheese for lunch, it was awesome!  Then I had to go because I had to work :/ Bleh! 
Marissa loves Polly Pockets! 

I made my Dad a Steelers blanket & Raymond bought me one so we matched!! :)
Merry Christmas from the Thompson's and I have a super fat face! 

Ricky got a new bed and a new hedgehog toy! 

I had to come home and work on Christmas, blah! 

I went sledding with Jake, Jess, and Brian!  Brian and I went off a huge jump and then my butt slid out and I was being dragged backwards and was holding onto his legs for dear life!  It was way fun :)  Then we went hot tubbing at Rain Tree!  Good times!