Monday, October 29, 2012

Most Magical Place on Earth

Here I am, a 20 year old... and had previously never been to disneyland.  I always said that I love 6 flags way more and Disneyland is overrated and over-priced.  I cannot express to you how much I love Disneyland and my previous thoughts have been replaced with an internal love for DL.  It is SO cool!  My inner-child was grinning all day long :) I want to go back again and again and again.  My next theme park goal is Harry Potter World!! 

I loved the Toy Story rides! On the Tower of Terror at California Adventures I accidentally put my seat belt over the strap of my purse and the ride conductor man FREAKED out!  I was chatting with Alexa and didn't hear him and he kept saying, "Nothing between you are your seat belt, Nothing between you are your seat belt,Nothing between you are your seat belt..." and so I was trying to take it off but it was already locked and so I said I can't take it off, and he said, "That's why I told you before you buckled it," then Alexa said, "Jeez this is Disneyland you're supposed to be happy," and he replied, "That's why I said it with a smile on my face."  Wow. What a wiener.  Ha ha that was probably the craziest thing that happened all day.

 Alexa and I had a blast at Disneyland and I can't wait to go back because I love it and Maddahorn and Indiana Jones were closed so I need to go on them first when I go!! :) The only downfall of my Disneyland trip is that now I no longer have a, "Never have I ever".... I've lost my best thing I've never done because most people have been to Disneyland!
One more good story.  At the airplane ride at California Adventures Alexa and I accidentally butted an old guy and his wife in the 'fast pass' line.  There was a huge gap in the line and they were just standing there!! So the guy kept teasing us that 2 Utah Mormon girls butted him and now he wasn't going to vote for Romney! Lol and these 2 little girls were so cute and they like Alexa and I's matching sparkly shoes (they had sparkly shoes too) and they said to me all excited, "Is this your first time at Disneyland?!?" And I said yeah and they were all excited telling me all of their favorite rides :)
Disneyland was so fun and I loved it so much!

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