Monday, October 8, 2012

<I'm a volunteer at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center>

I decided that I needed to give some of my time towards giving service. I felt kind of selfish and wanted to give back to the world somehow!

I work up in the ICU every Wednesday from 5-7. I help patients find their relatives rooms and give kids crayons and coloring books and crap like that!

It feels nice to escape work and school and sit at a desk and help people!

Recently my Aunt Paula was in a 4-wheeling accident and she was up in the unit that I volunteer in, it was really scary when they told me where she was because I know what state a lot of the patients are in up in the ICU.  But my Aunt was still herself, she was just in a lot of pain from broken ribs.  Poor girl.  But still just as funny as ever!!  I helped her order some soup and ice and helped her eat them, Alexa helped.  

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