Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Some of my close friends just had their babies like a week apart from each other!! My childhood best friend Heather just had her baby at the beginning of September.  Her name is Stella Marie and she was about 5 lbs. 4 oz.  She is SO tiny :) She's such a little princess and Heather and Quinn love her soooo much!! I am happy for them.

My other friend, Tashi, had her baby like a week later.  She is like 1/16 black and you can tell a little more now that she is getting older!! The exciting thing about Tashi is that her and Jordan just got engaged at the end of September and are getting married November 17th.... CRAZY huh?!! You have to know their whole story to be as excited as I am about them getting married.  It's so funny that Brinley is 1/16 black because Jordan is not the "biological father" so all of their other kids will probably be white and red headed like Jordan :)  They call the dad "the sperm donor" because Jordan is the DAD, they are such a cute family and I'm excited for them to make the next step in their lives.

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