Saturday, August 18, 2012

Workin' hard...or hardly workin'?

Oh the joys of Quilted Bear.  The mint truffles.  The go backs.  The endless opening and pricing of merchandise.  It is a love/hate job.  Without my coworkers I would hate it.  

In this photo I am eating a mint truffle while inside a box.  I'm talented, I know. 

Jodi and I being Persian Prostitutes with scarves that smell like sweaty balls.

Oh hey.  I'm wearing a cow hat & Alisha thinks I'm weird.

Why am I so weird? 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have two jobs.  I also wipe butts for a living and I love it... weren't expecting that?  Well I do.  I was planning on going into graphic design but, I started working as a CNA and I now want to be a RN, and specialize in labor and delivery (we'll see, I still haven't really done any job shadowing yet).  I start as a volunteer at the Provo Utah Valley Regional Hospital next Wednesday and I'm super stoked!  I hope eventually I can get a job in the hospital so that I can get better hours and more experience.  But for now, I enjoy my jobs... just don't get paid enough (story of everyone's life). 

Enjoy this photo montage of me bonding with my name tag lanyard (can I say montage if it isn't a movie? Whatever.)

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