Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well, it happened... I turned 21.  I realize I haven't written in awhile, but honestly, turning 21 may be the only important and exciting thing that has happened since Christmas!

This is the lovely view I woke up to!! A pantless wonder she is :) 
So the first thing that I did on my birthday, is go and take my Chemistry exam.  I know, not your ideal birthday activity, but alas, it had to be done!!  Afterwards I just went to class.  A woman named Ginger in my '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' class, brought me a pack of mini reeses!  It made my day because I told everyone in my presentation on Friday that I would love whomever brought me mini reeses for my Birthday!  She is such a sweetheart! 

After school, Alexa picked me up and took me to Yogurtland and then I went on a shopping spree to Playdough's Closet and got a TON of pants... which were much needed.  Then I came home and got ready to go to Spark in Provo to continue my Birthday festivities! 

Shop 'til you drop! 

At Spark we got non-alcoholic beverages and I got these weird pork things on sticks... but they were good and I got full really fast!! Then I opened my presents! 

Tasha even brought me a cupcake so  I could blow out a candle on my Birthday! :)

Next we all went to see the movie "Identity Thief", it was WAY funny.  I liked it.

This is my loot at the end of the day!! I got soooo many good presents and I am blessed with great friends and roommates!  I ended up getting about 7 total bags of mini reeses for my birthday... it was FANTASTIC!! :D 
So that was my ACTUAL DAY OF BIRTH... I will now tell you about my chocolate birthday party at home!  It was AWESOME!  I kind of had a chocolate overload that week I think! 
Here is a sexy picture of me blowing out my candles!! 

My Aunt Wilma makes THEE best chocolate cake in the entire world!! My family literally has it gone by breakfast the day after a birthday because we all eat a piece in a bowl with milk poured over it.... MMMMM :P
We dipped strawberries, pretzels, cinnamon bears and rice crispies in chocolate!
All of the same pictures from above except the bottom right is of me and my BCF DPW (best cousin forever dr. pepper whore), he made it to my birthday party!! 
I absolutely love this picture of my Gramps, it is so funny!! 
I think this photo explains a lot about the relationship I have with my family....

We played charades for a good hour!!

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