Friday, March 15, 2013


My whole family likes to go play in the snow :)  It was really nice to go up Fairview canyon because I haven't gone in a REALLY long time.  It's awesome that you can snowboard for free!  I was really out of shape and out of practice but it was still SO MUCH FUN!  I am excited to get new gear that actually fits me and a new board... snowboarding is just so dang expensive!  One thing that was super fun on this trip is that I brought a bag of my many birthday mini reeses and introduced my family to them, they loved them and we ate a few bites before each run down the mountain! 

This is me with my daddy and brother, they are a couple of studs!  I love them to death and I love going snowboarding and to concerts with them.  

Me and my broseph! He looks so good in blue! 

My Mom and Dad are so cute!  I love them so so much :) 

Me, Bobs and Dad! 

I'm basically a professional snowboarder... except that I'm not.

It wouldn't be a family outing if Ricky didn't come!! 

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