Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prom with the bro

Last Friday I skipped my Ethics and Values class and drove home to good ol' Sanpete to see my little brother at prom!  So weird to me!  I remember when he was just my annoying little brother.  This boy and me have grown really close and I hope it will always be that way!  I love him so very much and I am so proud of him.  His date Marren looked stunning in her pretty blue dress and I almost cried watching Sade and my Mom dance together (I am too young to sound like a Mom already!)  Caleb and I ate at the new Malia's Mex Restaurant that he thought was called Omelias, I did my laundry, then I came back to Orem so I could work at 6 in the morning! I also want to add a side note that Sanpete cops are so anal, I got pulled over at like 10:30 on my way out of town because he told me I needed a new light for my license plate!! Honestly, in Orem my car wasn't registered for at least 4 months and I didn't get pulled over!!  And that's all! 

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