Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Harry Potter Party

I crossed the line into 100% adult last Saturday.  I am no longer a teenager!  My family made plans to come up for my Birthday because I work on weekends so I didn't want to come home and drive back on the same day on my own Birthday! I know, I'm a lazy butt.

At work all of the residents wished me a happy birthday and Shirley even played happy birthday on the piano and they sang to me! :D SO cute!  As soon as I got off work I changed and headed to Provo but with all the construction I made a wrong turn and instead of going down center street I made a loop back to Orem and had to try again!! Caleb, Aubri & I finally made it and got our skates and met the other 1/2  of the fam.  We skated and laughed and I only fell once when I was trying to grab my dad's butt!  It was an epic fail and I brought Marissa down with me.  Sade was so good at skating so I held on to his hips and he skated way fast around the rink a few times and it was pretty scary!  We had a great time and we were tired and had sore ankles and feet when we left.

We came back to my apartment and we ate an awesome heart shaped pizza and had lots of soda!!! My roommates made an adorable birthday banner and a sponge-bob-esque looking cake... they are adorable!

Next I opened presents and my parents are so cool... I told my mom that my mattress had been bugging me for awhile so I got a memory foam mattress to put on top of it :) I'm super happy because the springs in my mattress were always stabbing me.

My sisters are so cute and they made me cards and they both gave me a dollar!! 2 whole dollars on my birthday!! I have the sweetest sisters.  Aubri even made hers into a dollar ring, she's super creative at folding things and making stuff out of duct tape.

To add to the Harry Potter extravaganza, Caleb got me the entire 8 disk collection of the Harry Potter series! He's a great friend.  And he know's me so well... 11 years of friendship pays off! We watched Harry Potter 7 Part 2 and then my family took off back to good ol' Sanpete :) It was a great Birthday.

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