Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Break (not technically)

So for Spring Break this year... I actually just worked... all of my friends besides Alexa, don't go to school, so we had to find a weekend that would work for all of us to go to California!! So, we went the week after spring break.. and missed school, yes I know, I'm a rebel!

So we drove out on Thursday, it was a long drive but I kept myself pretty entertained playing fruit ninja on Raymond's phone and sleeping... oh and I gambled for the first time!!

We got to Alexa's house super late, it was about 12:30 or 1 when we got there so we went straight to sleep!  On Friday morning we got ready for 'THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH', Disneyland :D The traffic was awful! We were in it FOREVER! But, it was worth it! The first ride we went on was 'Indian Jones' and it was so awesome, It was closed down the last time I went, I think it is probably my favorite ride now!  Raymond was like a child all day long at Disneyland and he LOVED the Star Tours ride that was our last ride of the day!

On Saturday morning, we went to breakfast with Alexa's Dad to IHOP, it was so nice, he bought us all breakfast!  After breakfast, we came home and Roe and Michelle (Alexa's parents), took Garrett and Alexa on a walk with Penelope to the dog park to have 'the talk'.  So Raymond and I watched Revenge, well more like Raymond watched it and I fell asleep for like 2 or 3 hours!  Disneyland can ware a girl out okay!! So later that evening we all went out to BJ's for dinner and got their delicious deep dish pizza, I was so full that I didn't even get a bazookie (which is a giant half-baked cookie with ice cream on top)! The sweet thing about dinner is that Alexa's parents bought us dinner!  The whole day of food was financed by Alexa's parents!! It was very nice of them! Then we went to the movie, Olympus Has Fallen and it was SO good! I love Gerard Butler and he was super awesome in this movie!!

On Sunday we went to church to Alexa's home ward but we only stayed for sacrament then came back and ate leftover pizza from BJ's, we chilled for a bit and then later in the evening we went to Ventura beach.  Raymond was in heaven because it's his dream to own a charter boat and teach people to scuba-dive!  We played on the beach and it was really neat because we got to be a part of Garrett proposing to Alexa, I took lots of good pictures!! Then we ate at this little Italian restaurant and came home because we were super tired.

On Monday morning it was time to pack up and go home, we stopped in Lancaster at Alexa's Dad's to have some french toast and some of his delicious brownies!  They are so nice :)  And then, we continued the trek home! We were SO happy to be back and it was such a fun trip!

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